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*Exclusive* First look at British Airways’ new distance based award chart!

Here is the first look at British Airways' new distance-based award chart. This new award chart is applicable for awards that do not contain any British Airways or Iberia segments.

Please note:

Flight distance are for each segment in your itinerary and not for the itinerary. Example, for DTW-ORD-LAS award, which comes to 235+1514 miles for a total of 1749 miles will be charged 4,500+10,000 miles for a total of 14,500 miles one-way and not 10,000 for the total distance traveled.

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  1. Quite a bit of work to pull something like this together so quickly… did you pull it together yourself?

  2. This is great, thanks! I haven’t had a chance to use the Avios tool yet, but based on other posts I’ve read, there aren’t going to be any new fees and the taxes will remain as they were before Avios.

    • Thanks for sharing. I actually did testing on BA’s site to reverse engineer the award table. Tested out more than 600 city pairs with distances ranging from 63 miles to 8000+ miles. As it turns out, the table matches closely with Iberia’s award table. I will posting a complete set of city pairs that fall in what mileage range for AA and AS, the two North American partner airlines.

    • @ Mark Anderson, The iberia one is for IAG rewards only, this is for partners.

  3. Its not quite right. BKK-HKG-JFK on CX business is 85k miles and SIN-HKG-JFK is 90k miles according to That would imply HKG-JFK is in the 6500-6999 band even though its 8072 miles.

    • There are some anomalies that I am still trying to figure out. I too noticed the same issue when I was doing all of my trials. My initial conclusion is that awards to China/Asia have been coded in to their system differently. We will know better over the next few days once BA officially releases it’s award tables.

      • A response from the BA Rep on FT suggests a formal award table will not be released given the complexity. It will instead be left to the tools on

        • I guess in that case, my hard work is worth it. In an upcoming post, I will be posting the test details and hundreds of city pairs included in the test through which I reverse engineered the award table. That should help the readers and the FFP community. If it’s not too much work, do you mind providing me a link to that response from BA rep? Thanks, I appreciate it!

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