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  1. Isn’t there some reports of people not getting the full 32K if not targeted? It seems half the points come from Chase (which would give 16K regardless) and half come from AmTrak (which will not give 16K unless you’re targeted). Half the normal AmTrak bonus is I think much lower than 16K.

    Great rewards card tho and a gr8 free card to eventually park a Chase CL forever.

    • The Amtrak credit card offer mentioned in the post is open to public and not limited to targeted customers. There may be other similar targeted offers but if you will apply through this link, you should earn the full 32K AGR points. TO be on the safer side, one should always save the screenshot of the offers they are applying for. Sometimes, things can and do go wrong and it is great to have proof on hand for an amicable resolution. Chase has been good in honoring their promised offers.

      This card is definitely a good one to park a Chase Credit Line without worrying about annual fees.

  2. I have a question wrt to the number of cards now available through Chase. I already have several of the cards that Chase publishes (Hyatt, Marriott, etc), and have the Chase Ink Bold, Sapphire, Amtrak, and other in mind that I wish to apply. I fear however that chase might reject my apps based upon the number of cards and the credit line that I already have with them. do you have any tips on how to go about negotiating that aspect with Chase? I would hate to have my credit pulled without eventually being able to actually have the card.


    • There is no set rule on the number of cards you can have with Chase. It really depends on your profile and the credit analyst who review your application file. I have seen people having 8 cards at a time with Chase without any trouble.

      The strategy that I would adopt is to apply for a card of my interest anyways. If the analyst is unable to approve you for a new card depending on the number of cards you already hold with the bank or the amount of total credit line you already have been allotted, either he may call you to discuss your options either by cancelling one or more cards or re-allotting the available credit lines among your existing account and the new card account to be approved. In case if your application is denied, you can call the Credit Analyst directly at aor you may call the credit analyst directly requesting them to reconsider your application. The numbers are 888-245-0625 and 888-270-2127.

      Hope this makes sense. Would love to hear back your experience.

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